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Eddie gets to go home with (see the final standings)…?

2 May


Scoutland, Gainesville GA

Spring is certainly in the air. And so, let the camping season officially begin with some great news about our Spring Camporee. With a waft of fresh cut grass and newly bloomed trees mixed with smoldering coals for a morning camp breakfast, the competitive spirit was beginning to steep. The brackets were set and by 9:30AM teams took the field for the ULTIMATE CAMPOREE’s Epic Tournament! It WAS an epic battle! 16 teams fought hard for the title of ULTIMATE CHAMPS… but Ultimate wasn’t the only game going on.

Team Bravo (207) came out to win, and win they did early on in the Disc tourney. But it was their dominance at the Scout Skills games that gave them the edge taking the first prize points in Right On Target, Disc Brigade, The Crossing, and the Disc Tourney, as well as Third Place points in the Wheel Relay, Flaming Disc, and Disc Golf Orienteering… these guys flat killed it out there. Way to go… or should I say, BRAVO!?

The Ravens (303) put up a good fight with their Fourth Place showing in the final points, only missing a trophy chance by THREE points!! They dominated their side of the Disc Tourney bracket before falling to Bravo and were still able to score some hard-earned points at the competitions placing Second in the Wheel Relay and the Disc Tourney.

The big surprise was Team Charlie (207). Losing early in the Disc Tourney, they decided to concentratet their efforts on the other events taking First Place in the Distance Throw, and the Wheel Relay, they also came in a close Second (to Bravo) in the Crossing and took Fourth Place points in the Flaming Disc.

Congrats to all our winners and all of our Troops for another great Camporee… BIG THANKS to Andrew Johnson, our Camporee SPL whose original ideas began to form while working up at Camp Rainey Mountain last summer. Thanks for taking the initiative and executing a great plan!

Here are the point standings from our campore:

1st – 207 Bravo – 146 points – EDDIE returns to Troop 207 for the 2nd time in a row
2nd – 207 Charlie – 113 points
3rd – 200 AndyStandySquadTeamAlpha – 105 points
4th – 303 Ravens – 102 points
5th – 207 Alpha – 98 points
6th – 457 Falcons – 92 points
7th – 254 TEAM NAME – 91 points
8th – 303 Blackhawks – 87 points
9th – 109 A.O.I. – 85 points
10th – 457 Hawks – 69 points
11th – 62 Team X – 68 points
12th – 3740 Mules – 66 points
13th – 200 Dragon Slayers – 65 points
14th – 3740 Red Team – 57 points
15th – 3740 Elephants – 48 points
16th – 254 Name Team – 46 points

On top of that, the Etowah Allstars barely bested the Mountain District opponents in a major upset undertaking that lasted nearly an hour and 47 minutes! Congratulations to our ALLSTARS!

Stay tuned for info on our FALL Camporee set to take place October 21-23 at a location TBA… I’m sure it will be exciting and you WON’T WANT TO MISS IT!

see you out there!