I Am Saving DAYlight! (a spring program guide)

12 Mar

Spring is ALMOST HERE!!

Daylight savings time signals the impending change of seasons and a time when Scouting in the Outdoors really starts to generate a lot of interest for your Scouts. Spring provides abundant opportunities for Scouts to GET OUT THERE and find the BIG ADVENTURE. If you haven’t seen these promos, take another look!

CHALLENGE MILL 2012 – An extreme High Adventure Spring Break starts Sunday April 1 and goes until Friday April 6. Scouts ages 12 and up will enjoy mountain biking, whitewater rafting, canoeing, climbing, High Ropes course, horseback riding (merit badge), hiking, and camping while getting to see the more adventurous side of East Tennessee, Western North Carolina, and Northeast Georgia… registration is still on-going, GO HERE for more info or download the registration form and send it in today!

SPRING FLING – I’ve already talked about this event for Bears and Webelos coming up this weekend, so if it seems like it’s a little late, you should maybe sign up for our Etowah Email Updates because you’ve been missing stuff! Register onsite at SCOUTLAND using THIS FORM… Bears & Webelos – THIS one is ALL about Sports!

SCOUT SHOW – now this event will be quite impressive. ALL SCOUTS ARE INVITED. Scout Show takes place at the Gwinnett County Fairgrounds on April 14 with Camping available for Friday night and Saturday night. Lot’s of cool stuff going on like Merit Badge Midway, Belt Loops, Scout Skills demonstrations, live performances, Council Pinewood Derby Race, Explorer competitions, CAMPING… EVERY UNIT can set up a demo/camp site. Register from the Scout Show webiste. No cost involved to come visit or set up a booth for the day on Saturday if you wear your uniform! There’s more info on THE FORMS PAGE

DUTY TO GOD Campout – April 20-22 at beautiful Camp Rainey Mountain. Cub Scouts and Webelos can earn their Religious Emblem in this ACTION PACKED WEEKEND! God & Me (grades 1-3 Protestant Christian) and Light of Christ (ages 6-7 Roman Catholic) >>You need the CUB SCOUT flyer. God & Family (grades 4-5 Protestant Christian) and Parvuli Dei (ages 8-10 Roman Catholic)>> You need the WEBELOS flyer.

District Pinewood Derby – March 24… Pack winners, please pre-register for this event. ALSO, there is a FUN Open Class racing which any Scout, sibling, or parent (cheaters) can race in… (sorry, no trophies for Open Class, but you will get bragging rights!).

ADULTS! – There’s something for all of you too… TRAINING! The Etowah District is offering BALOO, Outdoor Skills for Webelos Leaders Training, and Intro to Outdoor Leader Skills (Boy Scout Leaders) in one BIG OUTDOOR TRAINING WEEKEND… Training goes on all weekend (BALOO is Saturday only) March 23-25

SPRING CAMPOREE – RANGER DAYS – This is your chance to test your Scouting Skills and put the Troop/Patol Method to the TEST! Do YOU want to take home Eddie the Otter? Don’t MISS this year’s Spring Camporee being held at Camp Frank D. Merrill April 27-29

Did I miss anything? We haven’t even got to MAY yet, but next week you’ll see a stand-alone feature on Spring Family Camping (just as soon as we get registration up and rolling on the nega site!) Check back here: http://www.nega-bsa.org

I’ll see you out there!


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Three Reasons Your Scouts aren’t Leading

23 Feb

Scoutmasters!!! This is a MUST READ. This article comes to us from Clarke Green at Scoutmastercg.com and was shared with me by Neil Funk, an ASM at Troop 62 in Cumming… Thanks Neil!

THREE REASONS Your Scouts Aren’t Leading:


Pinewood PIZZAZZ! How to have an AWESOME RACE!

31 Jan

Greetings Scouts!

Well Race Fans, it is that time of year again and the Pine is out of the box for most of us… now I’m sure we’ve got some Scouts already cutting, sanding and painting, and maybe some who’re about to get underway with RACING! Here’s some tips to a successful, FUN, and safe event…

Daniel’s Rules (unofficial ones anyway):

1. Number 1, It’s gotta be FUN! We all want to win trophies when they are available, but remember that Pinewood Derby is all about the fun of creating, designing and building YOUR OWN CAR with DAD (or MOM) and SON… the Trophy is just icing on the cake.

2. If making cars is a den activity and you realize you’ve run out of stuff to do in the time allotted, KEEP SANDING. My dad did this with our Den 5 back in the day. I couldn’t figure out why at first (I was 7 or 8 at the time), which tells me that my younger contemporaries won’t know any different anyway… and not only that, you’re car comes out looking SOOOOO much smoother than others. Sand it by hand, don’t use machines for this or you’ll kill the war story for later (“We just sanded and sanded and sanded!”).

3. Don’t try to figure out the loop-holes. That’s just a big waste of time and it kills the true spirit of why we have Pinewood Derby… again, it’s about spending time with Mom (or Dad). It is really silly when I encounter a parent at the judges table at check-in for the District Race that has obviously thought out his campaign and speech for why he’s aloud to use a different wheel than everybody else… dumb.

4. If you win at the PACK level, GO TO THE DISTRICT RACE! If you don’t win at the PACK level, GO TO THE DISTRICT RACE! You always have the option of entering your car in the OPEN class (sometimes called contenders and pretenders). This class of racers is open to Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, sisters, Dad’s, your church pastor… whomever! AND you don’t have to be a PACK level winner, that’s why it is OPEN!

5. If you haven’t watched the famous Hollywood Film, Down and Derby, DO THIS NOW!!! Go rent it on Netflix or Apple TV or buy it on Amazon… whatever. WATCH IT with your kids! This will help TEMPER a little bit of the “Silly Dad” in all of you out there. Besides that, this is one of the best major motion pictures about Cub Scouts, It is family friendly, VERY FUNNY and it is also one of the last films in which Pat Morita (of Karate Kid fame) starred. So, anyway… this rule’s important!

6. If your pack didn’t give out PWD cars as Christmas presents at the December Pack meeting, you should change that for next year!… Oh and don’t forget, for the larger packs out there… you can buy cars by the CASE at a HUGE discount when you go to University of Scouting. Put that on your calendar for next year! Oh, and don’t forget to line up a good Santa, those guys are hard to book at the last minute!

7. If you have a smaller Pack or a close Den or group of Dens, you might plan a “Cutting” day at the Dad’s house who has a table saw… don’t be like my dad and go out and buy a brand new table saw and then only use it for annual PWD cutting days and have your daughters grow up being totally jealous of their baby brothers. Someone’s already got one of these, go to their house and save yourself some grief later on. OR visit a local Home Depot or Ace Hardware… these guys love Den visits!

8. Remember, It’s about having FUN. If you’re not… you’re not doing it right.

HEY… you need the official RULES. These one’s won’t work at the Pack or District Race! In fact, these aren’t even “OFFICIAL”… they’re just my personal opinion. I hope you all have LOT’s of fun at your Pack and District Race!

ALSO… if you plan to attend the District/Council Race, you’ll need to register, so you gotta use this form: DOWNLOAD PWD REGISTRATION


OKAY! See you out there!


A Year in Review

11 Jan

Greetings Scouts! Happy New Year and welcome 2012…

Here’s a look back at some of our favorite moments of 2011 and as we say goodbye… let’s say HELLO by visiting the facebook page, following us on Twitter or jumping over to our official Etowah District Website

20120111-195617.jpg who could forget the Spring Camporee at Scoutland? The Ultimate Classic was chaired by the Ultimate SPL… Andrew Johnson from Troop 200. Andrew earned his Eagle later in the fall!

These Scouts help out with an Eagle project in Dawson County… The Etowah District finished the year with 43 Eagle Scouts, the most ever for our area in a year!

Cubbies are “investigating” owl pellets with Tim Gangwish at Lumpkin Twilight held at Pine Valley… The theme was CSI: Cub Scout Investigation!

20120111-200445.jpg Mrs. Reybok tells a Cub Scout tale!

20120111-200555.jpg Daniel takes a group deep into the back country at Challenge Mill

20120111-200747.jpg Mr. Waggoman and a handful of Scouts are on hand to dedicate the Centennial Tree at the Forsyth County BOE.

…more to come!

Should parents withhold meetings to punish Scouts for bad grades or misbehavior?

9 Dec

A new feature on Bryan on Scouting that many parents will be interested in reading… be sure to leave Bryan a comment…

Should parents withhold meetings to punish Scouts for bad grades or misbehavior?.


Duty to God!

1 Dec

Greetings Scouts               God & Me/God & Family Registration

While 2011 is winding down, I am really looking forward to (and setting up for) a really AWESOME 2012… to kick things off right, OUR VERY FIRST program is our District’s own Duty to GOD programs for Cub Scouts. Now, there are several different Duty to God programs for almost every faith in the Scouting program, and almost ALL of them have their own Religious Emblem and Awards program… Here is a description of just two of them for Protestant Christians in Cub Scouts:

Each year the Etowah District, in conjunction with several Churches around the area, sponsor two GREAT programs that help our Cub Scouts learn about faith. One is called GOD & ME for First through Third graders. In the God and Me program (A Protestant Christian program), boys learn about the fundamentals of their RELATIONSHIP with God, Prayer, and faith. It involves lot’s of fun games, songs and crafts, but best of all time spent with fellow Cub Scouts learning about the bible. This is a 5 week course which takes place on Sundays from 4PM – 5:30PM. Boys need to attend with a parent and be present for all 5 weeks in order to earn the God & ME Award.

The NEXT level after God & Me is the GOD & FAMILY Award for Webelos Scouts. This course helps 4th and 5th graders learn about the experience of God and how faith works in our relationship with our families. Boys will learn how to help their own family grow in God’s love and they will also learn and memorize the Ten Commandments. God & Family begins on Sunday, January 8 and lasts 7 weeks.

Both of these courses are offered locally here in the Etowah District at First Baptist Cumming on Sawnee Drive in Kidstown. Be sure to arrive early for your first meeting. Registration goes through Christmas, but if you register early you can get a DISCOUNT (Early Bird registration discount ends on December 2, 2011). You can get a registration form on the Etowah Website here.

Learn more about YOUR faith and how you can earn the religious emblem by downloading this Duty to GOD brochure.

God Bless! and see you out there!


Happy Thanksgiving

24 Nov

Greetings Scouts and Scouters

We have so much to be THANKFUL for this Holiday, but the biggest thanks goes to the Parents and Volunteers of our Scouting home who make Etowah District a special place to be a Scout! Enjoy your Holiday and please stay safe in your travels…

Here are some events to look forward to as we end 2011 and head into the New Year:

The University of Scouting – December 3, Mountain View High School

Join us for the Council’s largest single day of Training and a chance to meet some of the best, most experienced Leadership from around the Northeast Georgia Council. VISIT THIS PAGE to see all the class offerings throughout the day and to register online.

Cub Scout Winter LOCK-IN – Friday December 9, Midway UMC

CUB SCOUTS… YOU’RE LOCKED IN for a night of fun and games and PIZZA! Parents, here’s a great chance to get some shopping done while your Scouts are up ALL night playing sports, earning belt loops, making Christmas Cards for soldiers, and having a great time!

DECEMBER ROUNDTABLE – Thursday December 8, 7PM at First Baptist Cumming

This is our ANNUAL RE-CHARTER WORKSHOP… ALL UNITS, please make sure that you have at least one representative to attend the workshop. Remember, this is a WORKSHOP. Please plan to stay for about 30 minutes after the general session. Re-Charter process always needs to be reviewed THOROUGHLY and we will have some procedural changes which makes it important for your to not only be there, but stay for the entire workshop.

Happy Thanksgiving again and see you out there!