The Scouting Source for GREAT GEAR is right here in the Etowah District. Hav e you tried a new piece of gear? Have you been wondering about which brand? which type? how much? when it comes to gear for your next BIG ADVENTURE?

STEP 1>>> Email me with your idea or question… better yet, if you author the article, we’ll give you a writing credit and a cool recognition at the next Roundtable. Send your ideas to me:

STEP 2>>> Get out there and USE YOUR GEAR! Abuse your gear, break it, use it for something other than its original intended use, let us know how your gear helps you COPE with the elements or learn to live without in the camping world.

STEP 3>>> Have you researched prices and other info on a new headlamp, a new pair of boots, a cool hammock, some neato accessory? EMAIL ME! Let’s put up a story about it.

STEP 4>>> GO CAMPING! I’m not going to use info on how your leatherman tool got used to fix the cable modem. I’m sure that’s helpful, but our audience wants to hear from REAL CAMPERS!!! Go CAMPING with your unit ONCE A MONTH! If your Troop doesn’t have ONE outing a month, please rat them out!

Great places to start:

VISIT The Outside World in Dawsonville on 400… a professional and local staff lead by veteran Scouter Brent Troncalli

VISIT Appalachian Outfitters in Dahlonega… Scouting friendly offers shuttles and Outfitting for float trips on our local rivers

help me add some additional gear finders…

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