You are reading about one of the very best Scouting communities in the country. The Etowah District consists of three counties in the Northeast Georgia Council, BSA: Forsyth, Dawson, and Lumpkin. Follow us and the adventures of our Scouts to see the impact that your support has on the lives of young people and their families.

Be sure to check out the Otter Blog as we update regularly. There’s just so much going on in the District, in the Northeast Geogia Council, and for that matter, across the Scouting World… let our humble blog be your source for where the movement is heading…

We hope that you enjoy the frequency of posts, that each bit of information is relevant and helps you in some way, and that you feel well connected to what’s on the way for Scouting in the Etowah District. If you’d like to contribute… please visit our WRITE page>>>

The Otter Blog is written by a small team of dedicated Scouting volunteers with vast knowledge and experience from first year-campers to our most tenured of Scouts. We hope you enjoy!

Check out our website at www.etowah-bsa.org or email Daniel here: davictor@bsamail.org

or find us on FACEBOOK  http://on.fb.me/bX2Ggl

or follow us on Twitter http://bit.ly/aK5bYI

or DIGG http://digg.com/danielvictorio

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