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The National Summer Time Pack Award

31 Mar

HEY… did you know that your whole pack can earn the National Summer Time Pack Award. Here’s how…

1) Have at least 50 percent of Scouts participate in Day Camp in June

2) Have the same number of Scouts participate in a July event like Scoutland Adventure Camp, a Summer field trip or pool party, or a Summer picnic for your Scouting families.

3) Have 50 percent of Scouts participate in BACK to PACK in August!

Remember, Scouting is a 12 month program… though you might not have regular Den meetings, the Pack should take some pride in keeping their Scouts engaged throughout the best time in a boy’s Scouting year… Summer! So… let’s get out there! Here are some great ways to keep up the momentum of your Scouting year and get your guys outdoors. Please share a link to this blog or any of the links found below with ALL OF YOUR PARENTS!!! Thanks!

Cub Scouts – Take some time this week to plan out your Summer Camp plans… here’s some tips:

1) Read yourCub Scout Guide to Summer Outdoor Activities

2) MAY is Spring Family Camping Weekend… put it on your calendar and register online!

3) JUNE is DAY CAMP! and don’t forget FUN With SON! and you can sign up ONLINE here: DAY CAMP REGISTRATION FUN WITH SON REGISTRATION


5) Sell CAMP CARDS so you can do all of these for FREEEEEE! – if you need more cards to sell, just email DANIEL at

SUMMER is gonna be AWESOME!

See you out there….

Check out the WAY BACK machine on Boy’s Life

31 Mar

Check out this awesome bit of technology… in some of the later issues, you can link to the articles you want to read by clicking on menu items in the table of contents. It is pretty cool to look back at the things that Scouts were doing decades ago through the eyes of Boy’s Life Magazine writers… there were certainly more short stories, especially from the 1930’s through the 1950’s. In comparison, most Boy’s Life magazines have just one short story with the rest being replaced by articles on people or personalities. Tell us some of the differences you find and what you think is interesting about this look back in time! Leave it in the comment section here or on our facebook page.