It’s hard to explain to those who’ve never been…

15 Mar

Scouting, of course, is my passion. I never thanked my Dad for talking to me about going to Philmont. He told me it would be awesome. I’d always heard the hype behind this great gift to Scouting called Philmont and when I went for the very first time in 2005 I wasn’t sure how to take it. I had never thought of it as anything more than a hike in the mountains and I had been to the Rockies before, so I thought, “what’s the big deal?” But, the feeling you get when you arrive is one of such warm reassurance that Scouting is alive and well and remains “the big adventure” we’ve all been promised… you are surrounded, of course, by natural beauty, but also the most enriching parts of Scouting lore and the great American frontier. It’s hard to explain to those who’ve never been there. I know some of you have a trek scheduled this summer… the experience will live up to the hype. Not to ingratiate me, but be sure to come back to this blog and tell me I was right…

thanks Waite,



2 Responses to “It’s hard to explain to those who’ve never been…”

  1. Leigh Johnson March 15, 2011 at 9:17 AM #

    I attended the Philmont Training Center with my family in 2008 and it was one of the best vacations our family has ever taken. Philmont is one of the most the most beautiful, and peaceful places in the country. Everyone in Scouting should go at least once. However, ask someone who has been there and they will tell you “once is not enough”.


  1. PHILMONT – Northeast Georgia Council Contingent 2012 | The Otter Blog - March 18, 2011

    […] of you may have seen my previous post about the new Philmont movie… I hope it has motivated some of you to take part in this experience some time in the near […]

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