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National Youth Leader Training

13 Mar
Boy Scout Troops:
Be sure that you give your new Youth Leaders in the troop every tool to use in carrying out their elected positions. National Youth Leader Training (NYLT) is the very best program to do just that. For the upcoming Senior Patrol Leader, potential Patrol Leaders or new position holders, this program will give them the knowledge to progress in leadership and carry out their duties in the most effective ways. Set them up for success by sharing this opportunity with them. From the Council website:
“Through a challenging and fun program, Scouts learn leadership tools and skills and apply them within the Scouting context throughout the week, so that they can in turn carry those forward into their troop/crew and other aspects of life such as school, family, church, and future profession.

NYLT 2010 was a great success, with 100% of participants agreeing that they will recommend the course to other Scouts! The 2011 course to be great as well and encourage early sign-up, as we expect the course will fill up quickly.”

CLICK HERE for more information and to download registration forms and other materials. Share this link or a link to our blog post and encourage your up-and-comers to take part in this year’s course.

Also, take a look at the picture above and try to guess the names of the many Etowah District Scouts who either participated or served on Staff last year in 2010. Join them for 2011 NYLT!

OK… see you out there!