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the Camping Season is upon us!

1 Mar

Well I enjoyed visiting with a few of you this past weekend at your various Blue and Gold Banquets and Courts of Honor! What a great way to celebrate SPRING’s impending arrival!!! Congratulations to this year’s God and Me/God and Family participants who graduated last week at the end of their final class at First Baptist Cumming. We had a great group this year and we learned a lot about how God works in our lives!

The Camping Season is upon us and we need to make preparations…


  • Camp Card
  • Pinewood Derby
  • Spring Camporee (Boy Scouts)



March 10, 2011 at 7:00pm at First Baptist Cumming

Camp Card Kickoff will be next Thursday, March 10, 2011 at 7:00pm at First Baptist Cumming at our regular Roundtable location… be sure that your unit’s Camp Card Chair is present to pick up their packet and hear all the information about this year’s Camp Card. If you have not made your commitment to sell cards yet, please email me back ASAP! I need to know how many cards you’ll need. Not sure why?

A few years ago we changed the name of the Card sale to the CAMP CARD SALE to emphasize that we are giving boys a way to earn their own way to camp! Since then, boys have started to sell more cards and Day Camp attendance in Etowah District has grown over 90% in just the last 5 years… let that one sink in! That’s not even the only success…Successful Camp Card Sales means more youth are participating in Day Camp, Boy Scout Summer Camp, Venturing outings and MUCH MORE!!! When that happens, then retention of our youth in our programs improves, our Unit programs improve, our Packs/Troops/Crews/Ships/Posts improve big time! Please be sure not to let this opportunity slip by your Scouts, especially those in your Unit that really NEED it. (and it’s a lot easier than popcorn anyway!)

Bring your questions to the kickoff and GET READY TO GO CAMPING!!! Thanks to Melissa Hickman, Deanna Kesserwani, Paul Ledwerowski, and Tom French for helping put together a great card for this year’s sale!



Saturday March 26, 2011 at Concord Baptist Church in Cumming

RACE FANS!!… if you have any questions regarding rules, please feel free to direct them to Rob (the Chairman! – email below)

Also, take a look at this message from Rob:

Announcing Etowah District’s 1st Ever “Open Class” Pinewood Derby Race

The Etowah District is adding a new race class to this year’s Pinewood Derby called the Open Class.

  • Are you are a parent, grandparent, brother, sister, Boy Scout or Girl Scout, or anyone else who wants to race?
  • Are you interested in trying out some speed techniques that aren’t allowed by the traditional rules?
  • Were you competing for Show at the regular race and want to race for Speed one more time?
  • Do you want to have some fun?

This race is for you!  The Etowah District Open Class is for anyone who wants to do some more racing!  The only rules that apply to the Open Class are (1) the car must weigh 5.0 ounces or less, (2) it must meet the size requirements, (3) it doesn’t use any artificial propellents, and (4) it must have been made in the current year.  The same $5 on-site registration fee is required.

The “Open Class” registration opens immediately following the Cub Scout race at about 2:30.  Registration will be open only as long as necessary to get all cars checked in.

This is a “demonstration sport” this year.  We don’t know if we’ll get 20 cars or 200.  But we do know it will be fun!


Please direct questions, comments or concerns to Rob Johnston (Derby Chair) at



April 29-May 1 at Scoutland

The ULTIMATE Camporee Leaders guide and troop package will be available at MARCH ROUNDTABLE. Come to Roundtable to find out about all of the activities we are planning and to sign your Troop/Crew up to host an activity. Our Camporee will center around a HUGE Ultimate (disc) tournament (12-14 teams or more!) and the many ways that Scouts use a disc in camp… is it a fire bucket? Is it a signal device? Is it a paddle for canoeing? Who knows… come to Roundtable and find out March 10 at First Baptist Cumming. Registration and Info will be up on the website soon. Keep checking back here:


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