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Off to the RACES!

7 Feb

Pack Pinewood Derby’s are upon us and I know some of you are already OFF TO THE RACES! Be sure to review the Northeast Georgia Council’s 2011 Official Rules found on our website and attached to this message. Boys’ cars will have to pass inspection at the Pack, District, and Council level, depending on how far they make it, so you want to make sure that they know all the rules… remember… it’s about having fun!

Speaking of District and Council races… should one of your Scouts WIN, send them on to represent your PACK at the District Pinewood Derby Race. This year’s District race will be held at Concord Baptist Church in Cumming (North Forsyth), on Saturday March 26th.  Click here for info:

9AM – 10AM – Tiger Race Registration

10AM – Tigers ONLY Show Judging

Tiger Race begins after SHOW awards

12 – 1PM – Wolves, Bears, Webelos Registration

1PM – Cub Scout Show Judging

Cub Scout Race begins after Show awards

Etowah District Pinewood Derby Race REGISTRATION FORM.  Registration forms can be FAXED OR MAILED to the Jefferson Service Center:

706-693-4849 fax

PO Box 399

Jefferson, GA 30549

Please distribute this to your Pack Winners!


District Race registration is only $5.00, but PLEASE DON’T WAIT!!!  Register as SOON as you’ve had your Pack’s race!

For more info on Pinewood Derby and other Etowah District Cub Scout events this spring, click here:

DISTRICT WINNERS!!! – you’ll be given your Council Race Forms at the District Race, but just to be sure you are informed of Council Race info:

Northeast Georgia Council Race

April 16th, 2011 (at ScoutBLAST at Gwinnett County Fairgrounds)

COUNCIL RACE FORMS HERE. or go to  YOU MUST BE A DISTRICT WINNER TO ATTEND THE COUNCIL RACE. More Info on how to register will be given out to winners at the District Race.

ALSO! For those of you parents, sisters, grandparents, race enthusiasts, or folks that just don’t like to follow the rules… You may be interested in the Northeast Georgia Council’s Contenders and Pretenders RACE going on at the same time as the Council Level Race.

Contenders and Pretenders is a Northeast Georgia Council’s Pinewood Derby race designed for those who want to compete but either can’t because you’re not a Cub Scout or don’t want to follow the rules.

This race is “open” meaning the traditional rules don’t apply. As long as it will fit on a traditional pinewood derby track, it’s made from a BSA manufactured pinewood derby car, doesn’t have any artificial propellants (engine, rockets, springs, starting devices, ect.), and was made in the current year (since September 2010) you can enter and win!
(See points 16, 17, and 20 of the Council Pinewood Derby Race for additional rules)

It doesn’t matter if you’re a boy, girl, parent, grandparent, Boy Scout, Girl Scout, anyone can enter!

Who – YOU!
Where – Scout Blast at Gwinnett Fair Grounds
When – April 16th right after the Council Pinewood Derby Race (around 2 pm)
Cost – 3 dollars if you register before the event, 6 dollars day of.

Click here for the form:
Questions? Contact Matt Vrahiotes at 770.961.2105 or

Download the Contenders and Pretenders Flyer:

See you out there!